September 1, 2022 –  November 30, 2022 

90- Day Missional Challenge


 To reach your circle of influence for Jesus. The local church has a five-mile radius of influence; You are part of that influence.

 Within your network, you have a five-mile radius of influence, the person you reach for Christ has a five-mile radius.

For the church to live out its mission, its members must live out the mission. The mission is simple, make disciples. As disciples as are made, the influence of the gospel impacts our shared community of Galloway NJ.

A result of impacting our community is each of you who are members of this local church, and because of your influence, the desire of your network will be to join the family of Christ to where you belong. This church, because you live on mission, becomes a missional church that grows that not only grows in numbers but in the impact of the great commission.

Missional Challenge:

To invite one family to your home that you will invest in building a relationship with, praying for the Lord to grow that family’s faith or grant salvation.

Make a list of ten families, out of that ten select one and do the mission. Before you start, spend the first 3 days praying and fasting for that family you will select and then for their salvation.

A home is not for selfish use, rather it is God’s gift to advance the gospel

Key Scripture:

Mark 16:14-20 Matthew 28:16-20