Christopher and Christen started their life together in 2013, having met working in North Carolina in a ministry of Old Town Baptist Church.  Their life together was filled with adventure and visions to reach the nations for Jesus.

In 2019 Christopher graduated from Liberty University with a master’s in theological studies. That same year Christopher and Christen founded a ministry serving seniors in residential living homes. Through the course of the pandemic life changed as did their missional direction.

In 2020, Christopher stumbled upon the organization of Village Missions. In prayer and wisdom of their local church, Christopher and Christen went through the process of becoming Village Missionaries.

January of 2021, they received a call to serve Highland Community Church and the area of Galloway NJ. Together they open their heart and home to reach all nations and people for Jesus.

Christopher serves as the Sr. Pastor of Highland Community Church along with his beautiful wife; with the aim of bringing Jesus as the focus, the word of God as the authority, and the worship of God as the heartbeat of Highland Community Church.