In Galloway NJ, there is a small congregation that has been faithful for fifty-one years. Highland Community Church desires to be around for another fifty years making disciples in her community with the love of Jesus in word and deed.
The year 2020 was not kind to many small congregations and larger ones, but through the faithfulness of God and strength of core families, Highland made it through the year all people want to forget. God is not done with Highland and in 2021, the LORD sent our Pastor, Christopher Lee with his wife Christen Lee to bring us into the next season. 
With the changing of seasons and indeed the world we live in, Highland will leave with the honor of the past with the hope of the future. It is here that Highland enters her new season, and one that could take a couple of years to fully come to fruition. 
In the coming days, month’s and years you will encounter a faithful church striving to become part of the community, preaching biblical doctrine rooted in historic creeds and confessions, and with the vision of making disciples in the township she lives, in the state she loves, and to the world where the LORD has called. 
In the season to come, she will have a different name, new members while old faces of the past have moved forward, and the prayer of becoming a thriving healthy church making the name of Jesus known. 
Her story is not over, will you become part of this next chapter?