Morning Service – A Man After God’s Own Heart

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A Man After God’s Heart
1Samuel 13:14
Character qualities of a man after God’s own heart

1Samuel 16:6-7
God looks at the heart
Does God want us to be healthy?
David understood the power of music to attract or drive away evil spirits.
Volume, Beat, Words, Musician
is filled/empowered by the Holy Spirit, understands the power of music, is brave in battle, speaks intelligently, is easy on the eyes, and the Lord is with him.
Are feared by others


Respect for authority (Ch. 24)
David was anointed but not appointed! God’s TIMING!
Rebellious children grow up to be rebellious adults.
David was a Promise Keeper! (9:20-22)

2Sam. 9


2 Samuel 7
David offered to build God a worship house