Morning Service – Jonathon

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1Samuel 13
Two major problems
(13:17) Philistine raiding parties
(13:19-22) No blacksmiths / no weapons


Many Christians find themselves with no weapons.
God wanted to give Israel victory without swords, so they would realize their true source of strength.


What are you trusting God for?
What do you believe God can do through you if you’ll just let him?
A sign from God (8-10)
Panic sent from God (15)
(23) “the Lord saved Israel”.


Can you think of a time(s) in your life when you would say that God had saved you?


Often some of our greatest challenges come immediately after our greatest victories!
The impulsive oath of abstinence from food. (24)


Be careful making promises that you may regret later.

Jonathan was not aware of the oath (27)


Do we forget to ask God what He wants some times?


Why was the army silent?


(41-44) The truth was revealed – that Jonathan had eaten honey.


Sometimes we make promises and commitments we can’t keep.


Sometimes we get caught up in minor things and miss out on the more important things.
What do you think of Jonathan?
· Was he a man of faith?

· Was he willing to stand alone for God?


· Did he love his father?

· Did he have a right understanding of right and wrong / priorities?