What type of service is Highland? 
Highland Community Church is a blended worship service, consisting of hymns to contemporary. We desire to connect every generation to Jesus. 
What should I wear?
Come as you. Some prefer a suit while others such as our Pastor who prefers blue jeans. 
Who can take the Lord’s supper?
Anyone who is a baptized born again believer. *Parents if your convictions are for your child who was baptized as an infant to take communion, that is your discretion and is permitted* 
Is there a children’s service? 
We enjoy having children in our service even if they wiggle and giggle. Highland is in the process of building a children’s ministry to launch 2022.
What is the current identity of Highland Community Church, you have been around for a while? 
We have a wonderful history in Galloway of being a gospel centered, bible believing church. We are a growing church thou we are small right now, our love is deep. We are committed to Christ, His word, and living out a gospel life. 
What is your church polity? 
We are an elder lead church with scripture being our final authority.
What is your denomination? 
We are baptistic in our doctrinal positions, (please see our declaration of faith) but not presently connected with any denominations. 
How do I join Highland Community Church 
Connect with our Pastor or our elder Pete Strickland about your desire for membership. They will be glad to go over everything with you.